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Spirit Never Dies 


Stands for the cooperation between the spiritual world and the soul, between body and mind and from man to man. (Brotherhood of Man)

De weg van het onbekende

Mediumship demonstrations

During these demonstrations I’ll make contact with your deceased loved ones and provide you with the proof that your loved ones are still around.

Spiritualist Healing Mediumship

Spiritual Healing is a healing from a Holistic Way to activate the self-healing capacity of the body, from the spiritual world that goes to you through a Healing medium. Healing is a healing and divine energy from the loving world we call the Spiritual world! A team of Spiritual Healers is available to you, among others you can make an appointment with Healing Medium Danielle Nijhuis CSNU h & CSNUi Teacher

Owner Spiritualistic center Soulconnections Enschede. To give Healing with love FROM SPIRIT, THROUGH SPIRIT, TO SPIRIT.

In the menu recommendation Healing Mediums you can see if a healing Medium is available in your area.

Medium Danielle Nijhuis


28 february Divine Service Fulham SPIRItualist church

Its my pleasure to serve Fulham Spiritualist Church in the Uk.

Divine service online

6:30 PM  Uk Time

Journey of Trance Online 6 weeks

Online workshop-Journey of Trance 6 weeks

6 weeks Thursdays 19:00-22:00 (dutch Time zone )

6PM-9PM Uk Time zone

Start 4 March 2021

Experience the infinite and unconditional love of the Spiritual World.

Private Readings

Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis
Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis
Trance opleiding


Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis
Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-healing
Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-education-cources-mediumship


Trance opleiding
Trance opleiding
scott milligan-Trance-Fysicalmediumship-Seances-unseenworld-mediumship

A journey that will last forever, a love that transcends everything”

About me

I am Danielle Nijhuis, living in the beautiful East of the Netherlands, called Enschede. I’m very sensitive to energies and therefore I can make contact with deceased loved ones.
Your loved ones often want to pass on messages or help you when you have a hard time in life. Life continues after the physical death.
Due to my sensitivity and Mediamistic abilities i have been able to help thousands of people and have given readings for over 12 years as a proffesional working Medium


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