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Foundation for the Promotion of Spiritualism and the Spiritualist National Union in the Netherlands

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Book an online reading with Danielle Nijhuis through zoom.

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Special courses online through zoom on development in different aspects of Mediumship

Trance Mediumschip

In trance mediumship, the medium raises or lowers the frequency of his or her energy

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Danielle Nijhuis CSNU t

Welcome to Soulconnections

Stands for the cooperation between the spiritual world and soul. Mediumship, Spirituality and Spiritualism are central to Soulconnections. Training and courses within Soulconnections are all based on the English Mediumship Methodology. Better known as Spiritualism, a worldwide recognized religion based on the philosophy and knowledge that we can still connect with our loved one after physical death.


Since March 2020, evenings/mornings have been held in a meeting that is all about connecting with the Spiritual World, wisdom is shared from the soul (inspired word) and demonstration of Mediumship (with deceased loved ones who are still around you).

These meetings are based on the English Mediumship Methodology.

July 25, 2021 the first physical Divine Service will be held in the Koenraadzaal in Monastery Dolphia.

Due to the measures, we can only allow 25 people for the first service. Reservations are necessary. The Divine Services are organized by the SCS Foundation, we do not charge an entrance fee and our foundation can organize these kinds of things through donations.

For a place via zoom we ask an amount of 5.00


Spiritual Healing is a healing from a Holistic Way to activate the self-healing capacity of the body, from the spiritual world that goes to you through a Healing medium. Healing is a healing and divine energy from the loving world we call the Spiritual world! A team of Spiritual Healers is available to you, among others you can make an appointment with Healing Medium Danielle Nijhuis CSNU h & CSNUi Teacher

Owner Spiritualistic center Soulconnections Enschede. To give Healing with love FROM SPIRIT, THROUGH SPIRIT, TO SPIRIT.

In the menu recommendation Healing Mediums you can see if a healing Medium is available in your area.

Spiritualist Healing is Healing that is facilitated through the spiritual world, the healing medium is the vehicle.

SCS Netherlands Foundation

The SCS Foundation (Spiritualist Center Soulconnections) Netherlands was officially established on March 30, 2021 and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce with the Chamber of Commerce RSIN number 82364605.

*On (date) the SCS Foundation has officially become an Associated Body of the Spiritualist National Union based in England. This means that the SCS foundation has adopted, accepted and propagate the religion Spiritualism with the corresponding 7 basic principles as a guiding philosophy.* In application

Newsletter August 2021

Read the newsletter of St. SCS & Training Center Soulconnections online here


SNUI MEMBERS Sitting in the Power for Healing Mediumship with Danielle Nijhuis CSNU (8 Sessions)

Start Time: 6:00 pm
End Time:  7:00 pm

Healing Mediumship is working with the Godforce. In these sessions we will be taking a journey within Healing Mediumship, from sitting in the power to allowing the Spirit world to blend with us.

In order to allow the power of the Godforce to flow through you, you will need to become a passive channel. Healing Mediumship can be strengthened by sitting in the power because it will help the Healing Medium to build a closer relationship with those healers in the spirit world that work with them using healing energies from the Godforce.

This practise circle will empower your relationship with the Spirit world and the healers that work with you. It is important to practise sitting in the power as this is essential for all those that want to work with healing energies.


Sitting in the Power for Healing Mediumship will be a monthly session where I will guide students through the process of blending with the healers in the spirit world and building the power. The aim of the session will be to get a closer connection to the healers in the Spirit world

The sessions are open to all SNUi members that want to take time to sit in the power in a safe space to build the connection with the healers in the spirit world. This is a practical circle to sit in the power for Spiritualist Healing Mediumship. The practise circle will give students an opportunity to expand their connection with self and their own spirit, allowing them to become passive so that hears in spirit can draw close. This will be enhanced further by breathing and visualisation exercises.


Dates: Session 1: 17/04/21, Session 2: 22/05/21, Session 3: 12/06/21, Session 4: 17/07/21, Session 5: 18/09/21, Session 6: 23/10/21, Session 7: 20/11/21, Session 8: 18/12/21


Book Danielle Nijhuis For Divine Service

You can book Danielle Nijhuis to serve your Church ore Centre. (Online Worldwide)

For Divine services, Lectures, Talks, Trance teachings ect ect.

St SCS Monastery Dolphia

Reservation Necessary scs@soulconnections.nl

for all physical activities of ST SCS you must register in advance

Experience the infinite and unconditional love of the Spiritual World.

Private Readings

Online-Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia
Online-Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia
Online-Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia


Online-Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia
Online-Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia
Online-Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia


Training registration form

Click on start to complete the registration form. After completing the form, send the form to training@soulconnections.nl


Online-Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia
Online-Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia
Online-Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia


Online-Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia
Online-Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia
Online-Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia



My name is Danielle Nijhuis 44 years old.

Teaching and helping you to feel and experience the connection with yourself and the spiritual world in all aspects of Mediumship, Healing Mediumship and the philosophy of Spiritualism and the standards of the Spiritualist National Union and the 7 basic Principles of the Spiritualism is therefore what you can expect during a training or course at Soulconnections Enschede.

In addition to the courses and courses that I offer, we started a foundation in March 2021 to promote Spiritualism and the Spiritualist National Union in the Netherlands.

Soulconnections & SCS Foundation are waiting for the final application for Assosiated Body 

I am Awarded within the Spiritualist National Union with the CSNU t (teacher) certificate.

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