SCS Foundation in the Netherlands
The SCS Foundation (Spiritualist Center Soulconnections) was officially established on March 30, 2021 and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce with the Chamber of Commerce number RSIN 82364605. On (date) the SCS Foundation has applied for  an Associated Body of the Spiritualist National Union based in England. This means that the SCS-foundation has adopted, accepted and propagate the religion Spiritualism with the 7 basic principles as a guiding philosophy.

Promoting, spreading and propagating Spiritualism involves knowledge and development. Knowledge of religious philosophy and the history of the religion Spiritualism is an aim and requires continuous development which the SCS-foundation is fundamentally based upon. This is reflected in the many charitable activities that are held under the SCS-foundation.


Healing is an act of love from Spirit, through Spirit to Spirit

These activities connect with spiritualism, the philosophical 7 principles and mediumship, which is the proof that life continues after the physical death. Lectures, practical circles, educational classes, Healing circles, and philosophical discussions are activities to promote spiritual growth, assist in religious equality, and moral reformation. This offers the opportunity for people to engage in and do their own research in mediumship, healing mediumship and the religion Spiritualism.

Giving insight into their own pathway, learning to grow and experience all there is to Spiritualism. Also creating awareness. Every month a Spiritual Service is offered to anyone who wants to participate.

Building a Community together
The board members of the SCS-foundation are: Danielle Nijhuis (President/ Chair), Diana Kampshoff (Vice President/ Replace Chair), Kimberley van Egmond (Secretary), Iwan Nijhuis (Treasurer). Naturally, the board members do not receive any compensation for their work. The foundation’s activities are currently taking place online. Should there be space and opportunity in the world again, we can return to our location in the beautiful monastery Dolphia at Enschede (Koenraadzaal or the Location of the business centre) which we are very much looking forward to too meet each other!

Would you like to support us? Donations are very welcome!
This can be in financial form for which you can use the donate button, but people who volunteer to share their knowledge and skills are also more than welcome. This way we can organize even more activities

-Sharing is Caring-
We hope to meet you all!




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Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia
  1. The Fatherhood of God.

  2. The Brotherhood of Man.

  3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels.

  4. The Continues Existence of the Human soul.

  5. Personal Responsibility.

  6. Compensation and Retribution Hereafter for all the Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth.

  7. Eternal Progress open to every Human Soul.

Hello my name is Danielle Nijhuis, I was born in 1976 and I live in beautiful Twente. I have always
been very sensitive to energies and saw the spiritual world from a very young age.
Being able to build a bridge between the two worlds is the greatest gift you can experience and
the love and healing that is released is amazing. After many years of development within the SNU,
a dream arose to connect even deeper with the Spiritualist National Union in England. In 2015 I
set up my training center Soulconnections, but the desire to create a community of love and God
was growing. As a Spiritualist, the most logical step was to apply for an Assosiated Body of the
Spiritualist National Union in The Netherlands. And so, on March 30 the foundation was
established to be able to give ground to a community of God next to my business center.
Together with Diana & Kimberley and my husband Iwan we will offer you a place of connection,
philosophy and spirituality within Spiritualism in the Netherlands.
Assesor Accreditations Healing mediums
Dutch representative Spiritualist National Union Internationaal (SNUi)
Education Tutor SH2
Founder of Soulconnections 2015
President Stg SCS
Awarding CSNU 
Awarding CSNU t Teacher 

my name is Diana Kampshoff, born in 1978
My spiritual journey started very early in my childhood. I felt that I was different from others and
that I experienced the perception of life differently from the people in and from my environment.
My development mainly started when I became a mother at a young age and then took up my
studies to become a teacher in primary primary education.
In the following years, after my studies, I started to specialize in development and mental growth,
in both children and adults. Although I had a very nice life, a sweet husband, sweet children and a
nice job, it still felt like something was missing. The emptiness of “missing”.
In 2018 I came into contact with the religion Spiritualism. I found my “home” in this.
All puzzle pieces came together. Development and meaning are important keywords in Spirituality.
At which awareness is the moment of reflection of the insight into this development. From there
meaning will follow.
For me, Spiritualism with the accompanying mediumship and guidance of the spiritual
development of others is what makes me complete.
Within the SNU I am working on the Accreditation in Speaking and Demonstration (Inspired
speaking and demonstrating mediumship)
My Vice Presidency is an extension of this. In this role I can make and / or offer a constructive
contribution to allow everyone to awaken his or her awareness


Hi, my name is Kimberley van Egmond, I was born in 1992 and I live in the East part of the
country. In daily life I work in healthcare. I care for people with disabilities and who are the
sweetest and nicest people i’ve met, after I took a small side trip within childcare. Within this work
I can put my intuitive abilities to good use. In addition to everything I do now within mediumship,
this is my great passion, working in healthcare with the purest souls out there.
Actually, I have always been sensitive to atmospheres and emotions. This took a long time before
I really learned to understand how to deal with it and after a period of severe stagnation at the age
of about 16 I came on the path of intuitive development and took my first steps. But it always felt
like there had to be more, I still didn’t have that feeling of coming home, not that feeling of being
truly who I am.
About 4 years ago I came across Mediumship and Spiritualism and started to study at
Soulconnections. Mediumship and Spiritualism were fairly new to me, but have turned my life 180
degrees around in a very short time. Finally I have the feeling of being at home. With a new family
that I’ve met, full of people who are like-minded and have the same life but all have their own
unique drive.
My heart especially starts to glow from the Healing mediumship and the history of Spiritualism
and everything that comes with it. I am now also training in the HAS process, Healing
Accreditation Scheme, via SNU and can therefore start as a Trainee healing medium.
I hope that we can touch many hearts with the foundation!

Hello my name is Iwan Nijhuis, born in 1979
I am Danielle Nijhuis’ husband, it is an honor to look after the financial affairs for the Foundation.
I am a business economist and work in the financial world on a daily basis.
I am not working in mediumship but an interest in sensitivity and the spiritual world has always
been there.
For the importance of the foundation and Spiritualism in the Netherlands and the representation of
the Spiritualist National Union I help the ladies to represent the business aspects

Aura Reading-mediumship-reading -Trance-DanielleNijhuis-Klooster-Doplhia

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