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Spiritualist Centre Soulconnections

klooster Dolphia Spiritualist centre Soulconnections Gronausestraat 710-206 7534 AM Enschede ( Netherlands)


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klooster Dolphia Spiritualist centre Soulconnections Gronausestraat 710-206 7534 AM Enschede ( Netherlands)


1.What is the difference between a Pshycic and a Mental reading?

A psychic reading will be about you and you life by blending with you auricfield I will feel in the story of you life. A mental reading is about your loved ones in the spirit world, by attuning to the spirit world and tell the story and memories of you famillie,friends ore somebody else you know.

2. Is it possible to predict my future?

No,the only thing that is possible by the essence of your life story and the actual colors in you auricfield is to give you potentials. You have free will so I don’t predict your future.

3. What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is the practice of purportedly mediating communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings.

4. Is Mediumship something you can learn?

You are a soul with human experience and the essence of your soul is coming from the spirit world. So everybody can have an experience to contact a loved one but not everyone has that talent to become a medium. Its is similar like playing football everybody can play with the ball but not everybody is a great football player.I believe mediums are born; however, everyone is born with talents and gifts in their soul.. Some people are able to unwrap and manifest their gifts more easily than others. Anyone can sing, but not everyone is good at it. We all have intuitive capabilities ,but whether we chose to use them ore learn how to hone them lies in your own hands 5 Can I develop Mediumship Psychic ore Mental? As said before everyone is a Pshichic/intuitive but not everyone is a Medium. A medium goes a step beyond and can have a conversation with your love ones on the other side. Not all mediums are alike. Try finding one your trust and who resonate with you for th best reading possible .

If you feel you want to develop as a psychic ore a medium then you need to embrace this talent to help yourself and others .taking classes and education helps you and the spirit world, to get self confidence and knowledge of working. Mediumship had a big responsibility so before going working in the world you need to be good prepared for this holly task.

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