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Danielle Nijhuis

I am Danielle Nijhuis, living in the beautiful East of the Netherlands, called Enschede. I’m very sensitive to energies and therefore I can make contact with deceased loved ones.
Your loved ones often want to pass on messages or help you when you have a hard time in life. Life continues after the physical death.
Due to my sensitivity and Mediamistic abilities i have been able to help thousands of people and have given readings for over 10 years as a proffesional working Medium.

Don’t stand still!

It is important for me to not stand still but keep on learning and that is why I have followed several courses from very respactabe tutors and well-known people in the world of mediumship.
The lessons I’ve followed were in charge of Jose Gosschalk, Paul Jacobs, Coral Rider, Sian Wilson, Glyn Edwards, David Thompson, Jacky Wright, Scott Milligan,Lynn Parker,Lynn Cottrell,Steven Upton,Judith Seaman,Colin Bates,Eileen Davis,Nicole de Haas Matthew Smith,and others. I followed these classes at the Arthur Findlay college in Standsted (England UK), the SNUI (international part of The SNU UK) and the Zwanenhof in Zenderen in the Netherlands.
These beautiful people have taught me so much, that of which I am very grateful for. And grateful that they came into my life and helped me to unfold in the best possible way throughout my mediumship.


Up coming events 

My Certificate

I have my certificate   CSNU (h) & CSNU Teacher  within the Spiritualists National Union.

I’m also a member of the SNU in the United Kingdom & The Spiritual Church in Amersfoort NL (officially recognized SNU Church).
I’m also an official member of Afterlife Connect in America.

I am also the Dutch representative of the CSNU



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