Mediumship 2 years Development

In this training extensive attention is given to your personal development. If you want to work as a Medium or Healer in the mediumistic field, you will become more and more sensitive. You have to learn to deal with the emotions of the person who sits in front of you. You will also experience that in difficult and emotional situations you have to be very strong and confident. And what about the emotions that the contact with the Spiritual world brings with them? That is why spiritual development goes hand in hand with personal development. This way you can get the best out of yourself and out of the connection with the Spiritual world. Even if you do not have the ambition to work in the mediamistic field, this 2-year course gives you the opportunity to experience the peace and balance within yourself. Do you want to get more trust in how you can come in contact with your own soul and how you can connect with the vibration of the spiritual world? Than this 2 year training is really something for you! Motivating and inspiring are the key words for these days. If you are ready to take that step forward then sign up now.


2-Year training mediumship and personal development

The costs are € 895.00 per year (10 days ) Online by zoom

A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of this training. (This 2 year course is based on the English methodology Mediumship / Spiritualism followed by the standards of the Spiritualist National Union).



During this 3 years you will learn

  • Sitting in the Power
  • You and your soul
  • Soul and Spirit
  • Know yourself
  • The layers of the aura
  • Colors of the Aura
  • Psychic mediumship
  • Mental Mediumship
  • Evidential mediumship
  • Platform work
  • Basics of The healing aspect in Mediumship
  • Practise
  • Mindmapping the evidence

Two year Healing training.

In these two years we will focus on all forms of spiritual healing.
The difference between contact healing,
Healing without touch,
Distance healing and
Trance healing.

It is an intensive training in which you are expected to practice with practice clients at home and / or in your practice.

This course is based entirely on the English methodology mediumship, I myself have been awarded as CSNU Healing Medium and CSNUI teacher in Spiritualsit Healing within the Spiritualist National Union

History about healing and a part of theory will also be a part.

Blending with the Spiritual world and knowing the difference between healing from the Spiritual world and healing from yourself is a process that requires time.

Requirement to participate in this training is 1 or 2 years of mediumship training (preferably English methodology based)



To be able to start this course at least one year Mediumship year based on Spiritualism is a requirement.



Costs for the total of 2 years: 1400 Euro

Advance payment of € 200, – to reserve your place, than a monthly payment is possible.

This course will be held in english Online by zoom.

 In the agenda on the home page you will see the actual dates for new groups

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