Grief counseling

Grief in daily life is not easy, we are faced with different forms of grieving. In popular speech we grief when someone has died. You need time to give the loss of a loved one a place.
There is no time frame of how long grief lasts when we talk about grieving about someone who has died. It may take a few years before it has settled down a bit. Emotions, anger and grief are an essential part in this process.
From experience I know how difficult it can be to pick up your life again after the death of a loved one. At a very young age, I was confronted with grief and loss, and accepting that and moving on with my life. Through my own life experiences and the support of the spiritual world, I can help you to enter the acceptance process a bit faster. I will lend you a listening ear and give tips and advice on how to embrace this process.
Grieving is part of life. But we do not only grief when we lose someone through physical death, grief can manifest in different facets of life.
For example, losing your job, breaking a relationship or the loss of body functions. The issues we have to go through are accompanied by a process of emotional fluctuations that we can experience. Because of my own life experience and the support of my friends from the other world, I can be there for you. I am there to help you get back into balance faster and get back on track. I do not say that it is easy, but if we accept grief as an emotion you will find that you are on the right trail of life again. This way you can look back full of love to that which you have lost.


Planning a Grief Counseling session.

A grief counseling session lasts about 60 minutes and you can request this by email. Before we schedule an appointment for the session, I would first like to plan a telephone/zoom conversation with you to get acquainted.


Price: 90 Euro

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