Trance mediumship

With trance mediumship, the medium increases or decreases the frequency of his or her energy. As a result, he / she actually switches his or her consciousness more or less out of which it sometimes appears that the medium itself is asleep or is not present in the body. Because consciousness is eliminated, it is easier for the spiritual world to come closer and ‘use’ the body of the medium as it were. Trance falls under mental mediumship and we ourself call it a different state of consciousness, but in a passive state. Also spiritual healing is often given in a Trance state. Trance voice speaking for example, is when a deceased person can speak through the vocal cords of the medium. Sometimes it is a deceased loved one who is recognized by those present. More often it is someone who is not known but who brings important, often philosophical messages from the Spiritual world. About our lives now and about life after death. Another form of trance mediumship is automatic writing. While the medium is in a trance state, his or her hand moves over the paper and writes or draws something. Once out of the trance state, there appears to be a readable and recognizable message from a deceased loved one or, for example, a portrait of a deceased person. I have noticed over the years that the most powerful way of working is a ”trance healing ”. When I go into a trance state I put my mind and head out of the way as much as possible. To make room for the healing energies that flow through and around me to the person for whom it is intended. The energy comes from my companions from the Spiritual world and can ensure that you become more balanced, understand your questions or get in touch with your feelings. It can also help you to clean up ‘old mess’ so that processing daily life gets better.


Because a healing can be given from a distance, physical contact is not necessary during the session. If it helps you or if you find it pleasant / safe to be touched, it is possible. I can put 1 or 2 hands on your head, back or hands. When I open up to the spiritual world and pass on the intention for a healing, I actually say to them: ”Come on, you can use me as a vehicle for healing.”
The energy and the vibrations work on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Because it is a process that ” just happens” I do not know in advance how the session will go and what the result will be. People’s experiences and feedback taught me that usually what is needed is given. And that the healing always contributes to the welfare and growth process of the recipient. That can immediately be noticed afterwards and I often hear that the process can work and deepen days after the healing has happened.

My guides, friends from over the rainbow.

I work with healing guides and I call that team ”My friends from over the rainbow.” Guides are energies of people who have lived many years before. There are also doctors present with my guides, such as Dr. O’Brian or Healingsister Victoria. They are the ones who work for you with their knowledge of the earthly and Spiritual world. They work holistically. This means that they see body, mind and soul as a cooperating whole/unity. They restore the balance in your energy field so you can free yourself from old scars on an emotional, mental and physical level. It cleans up what gets in the way and clears the path for you to a sunny, deepening future.


Healing can do a lot of good, but it is certainly not a replacement for a doctor or specialist. In case of medical problems I will always refer you to a doctor.


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