Trance mediumship

Trance Mediumship “Trance”
Trance occurs when, by bringing about an altered state of consciousness, we allow the spirit world to “grab our attention” or even “grab” our mind, allowing for a closer connection with the spirit world. The degree of “hold” on the mind of the medium will determine the quality and depth of trance.
Trance is a very refined aspect of mediumship that affects both our spirituality and our messages in mediumship. The mixing of energy between the spirit control and the medium can be so strong that the medium can lose consciousness but not fall asleep!
The process of trance takes place when we subdue our conscious mind, slow down our thinking, so that the spirit world can project their mind onto ours, to show their presence. In this state we can be in touch and one with Spirits who can influence, teach, build and inspire.
To reach the state of trance, we must withdraw our consciousness from the “here and now” and move our mind into that aspect of stillness. As we move our consciousness so that we become submissive and passive, the spirit world moves closer and closer to the medium until they emerge in the mind of the medium, until there is very little consciousness left with the medium. Your thoughts become very passive – yes, even detached – almost as if you stopped thinking at all. But in that stillness of the mind is an inner knowing that while we are not aware of where we are, the spoken word, or perhaps an audience watching us, we are still focused on getting our mind out of the way. to hold.
When the blending between Spirit and the medium is so close and one through many years of cooperation on both sides, the spirit world almost takes over the mind (with the medium’s permission) and the motor control (through the nervous system) can make it possible to move to show the relationship and trust between medium and the spiritual world.
Trance mediumship involves a special relationship with the spiritual world working with us. This relationship helps us build a closer bond and can provide a sharper, more specific, and more accurate flow of information in all areas of healing, mediumship, philosophy and education.


The attunement / blending has been achieved with the spiritual world and are able to be inspired by their own spirit and / or spiritual world. The medium is able to achieve an altered state of consciousness or a subdued consciousness, work with external thought processes and keep the voice of the mind to a minimum. Light Spirit control would be proof, take inspiration further and achieve a deeper blending.
There is a strong influence of the spiritual world on the mind of the medium. The medium is able to achieve an altered state of consciousness and it is clear that there is a connection to the spiritual world. The spiritual world might only be able to speak through the medium for a short time. The spiritual world could be perceived objectively or subjectively by spectators by their clairvoyance or by feeling the atmospheric changes.
Full control of the spiritual world over the mind of the medium takes place. The medium is in an altered state of consciousness with a hold of the spiritual world and cannot remember the events. The information that comes is to be fluid, intelligent, logical and rational, as well as uplifting and enlightening.
Information obtained through trance mediumship should demonstrate a living intelligence that is beyond the medium’s own understanding.
* An altered state of consciousness occurs when the ego is dissolved and there is connection or mixing with a formless, universal energy.
At Soulconnections there are several development groups that can help you to enter into this development * Journey of Trance


Trance is MENTAL mediumship, not physical. That means it is a thought process. When we understand how the spiritual world affects their thoughts on the mediums, the greater the cooperation between the medium and the spirit and the more control they have. In essence, when you reach trance, you have moved out of the way of your own thinking and allowed the spiritual world to blend with yours and take control of your thought processes.

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