Voices of Hope

Your world is in a dark cloud. But let me say this to you, from my side of life we will give you courage and love. We will try to do our best to reach out to those in need. We can’t change it. But remember, when you look in your world through the weather, on a dark stormy day and there are many dark clouds full of rain you will see after  the rain the sun will come. .

You  need to trust. Yes we understand that this is a very difficult time, for humanity. But this disaster my friends was not created from our world, as some people in your world think. God will never harm you. We always love you.

We do hear your voices and thoughts that have been send out from all over the world,and we react to that.

But as you can understand in my world we are working hard to help all of you to save humanity. But my friend you need to understand that your world has personal responsibility. And there is a law of cause and effect. That is not up to us to interfere. But we are doing what we can and what is allowed to do. Sometimes the proces of your world, is something we can’t interfere with. Because it is the natural law of life. But I can say this to you:those in your world who come to my world are safe, we take care of them.

If you look back into the past of how long your world exists, you can see this kind of illness as a cyclus. Coming back over and over again. From what I can say to you, this is just a normal natural law of life. As long as your world exists in the way it exists , viruses and illness will be there. All around your world. Your  world will be exists in perfect harmony,balance will also be restore.

It is the normal evolution in your world. But when you are born in your world you will come back to our world someday. Some will die by an accident, some will die with a virus. So you can see it as an act of the natural law of life.

Remember my friends, what you call the spirit world you can also call heaven. It is just a place full of love and full of happiness. So we take care of those who come to our world.

Thoughts of love create a healing bomb for your world.

“The Voice”

Friend in Spirit

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